RAABSE hosted a successful kick-off meeting on September 25, 2018. RAABSE President, Darwin Spiller, led an overview, designed to engage both old and new members in the history, culture, and traditions of NABSE, TABSE, and the local unit, RAABSE. In addition, Mr. Spiller paved the way for the upcoming year by providing clear expectations for the direction of RAABSE, as well as communicating the vision, mission, and goals for the organization’s calendar year.

After the president’s update, Darien Flowers, Texas Democrats Community Organizer, presented to the membership on the voting process: rights, registration, and knowing who and what your vote represents. The insightful information prompted a question and answer session, as all members began to converse on additional ways RAABSE can engage in the voter registration and education work that still needs to be done.

As a result of Mr. Flowers participating in the meeting and learning the rich history, legacy, and call to action the founders left for us to continue, his excitement for the vision was activated, resulting in RAABSE gaining its first student member.  Welcome, Darien Flowers!  Your support of RAABSE and the commitment to equip and serve students and educators is a testament to the movement of young leaders on the rise.

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